Aspecto’s staff have worked for different sectors and have conducted projects for:

Healthcare - human
Rx – calculation of potential after product launch and identification of barriers
Adoption – who and where do you lose customers – to whom and why
Testing of devices/concepts
Identification of decision process within given regimes
Positioning of products/brands
Identification of influencers

Healthcare - animal
Importance of various diseases and willingness to pay for different solutions
Decisions process regarding specific diseases – including selection of preferred diagnostic method
Trend analysis
Positioning of products/brands

Associations and unions
Identification of barriers regarding recruitment of members
Mapping of member benefits – pro's & con's
Calculation of member potential at different levels of membership fees
Migration of members from the primary organization to secondary organization
Satisfaction and loyalty


Estimation of market development at different price levels
Identification of barriers regarding product launch
U&A studies within pesticides, machinery etc.
Media habits
Furthermore farmer panels are used in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and parts of Eastern Europe

Population studies
Studies regarding behaviour in connection with different scenarios
Attitude and opinion studies

Citizen surveys
User surveys
Employee surveys
Patient surveys
Communication evaluation

Gaps and needs studies among dealers/distributors
Importance of support within spare parts – including need/usage of digital platforms

Product- and concept test
U&A projects
Net Promoter Score (NPS)